Windshield Car Wiper Blade Catalog

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Front Wiper Blade Catalog
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Rear Wiper Blade Catalog

There are hundreds of different models on car wiper blades in our company, it’s not available to show all of them on the website.   Here you may review and download the car wiper blade catalog.  Please inform us the item# and size list with quantity, then we will offer you good price to deal.    If you have no idea about the item selection,  please review our hot wiper blade models.

Since 1996, we’ve been focusing on auto accessories with profuse product models and styles.   The development of new products is very important.  It can not only enable us to catch the changing trend of the market, but also help our customers to expand the market and improve their sales. Therefore, while maintaining communication with customers, we will also independently develop different new products to recommend to customers.    A few years ago, an American customer sent us a belt. The belt is covered with glittering silver powder, which guests want to use to develop a new steering wheel cover. We found similar materials in the fabric market, and then let the fabric factory make this kind of material soft and elastic. After that, a series of new steering wheel cover styles were developed with this new material. Customers had this product to expand the market rapidly and sign large orders with wal- mart. This is one of great projects in our company.

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