Colored Golden Hybrid Wiper Blade

Colored Golden Hybrid Wiper Blade

Colored wiper blade makes your car special and cool. It works well and quietly. Tell us what colors you prefer and let’s do it.  At present, the Golden Hybrid Wiper Blade is the best seller, most customers like this model. Three section structure, taking into account the advantages of boneless wiper and frame wiper. In addition, the product adopts aerodynamic bending design, the maximum area of contact with the windshield glass surface, which can achieve the best wiping effect.

You can install the Colored wiper blade promptly on the car, and easy to replacement.
Size: 14-28inch
Package: Blister Card or Color Box each

More Auto Accessories

If it’s the 1st time to purchase from China, please feel free to tell us any concerns, and we will be happy to reply you any questions. We focus on automotive products for many years, and there are a lot of auto accessory products for you to choose from, such as steering wheel cover, car seat cover, car floor mat and car sunshade.

Quality Control

Since the establishment of the factory, we have attached great importance to the quality of our products and been committed to the improvement of the quality system. So far, we have established corresponding quality standards for different products. At the same time, most of our workers have more than five years of work experience, and new employees only start to work after training and assessment.  This ensures that all our products are of excellent quality.

Watch the mass production of lonsign wiper blade: