Double Colored Windshield Wiper Blade

Double Colored Windshield Wiper Blade

Colored Windshield Wiper Blade comes in different colors, such as Gold, Green, Black and Silver. We may also make it as per your request.  Besides, this is a double wiper blade, and the double blades can keep the vision clear more effectively.  This Colored Windshield Wiper Blade is a classic model, very popular over 15 years. Therefore, we may offer you very competitive price with solid quality.

Quick and easy installation
Size: 14-28inch
Package: Blister Card

Experience on Wiper Blade

Since 2002, we have been committed to the development and production of wiper blade. So far, we have a complete product line and stable quality. There are hundreds of models, including Soft Wiper Blade, Flat Wiper Blade, Frame Wiper Blade, Multifunctional Wiper Blade, and Rear Wiper Blade with Arm.  At the same time, we have corresponding product recommendations for different countries to serve specific customers with better price and quality.

Quality Control

Quality is the foundation of our long-term cooperation with customers. Since the establishment of the factory, we have attached great importance to the quality management of products. So far, we have formed a perfect quality management system and established corresponding quality standards for different products. In addition, we also regularly train and assess the quality inspection personnel. In this way, we can ensure that all our Wiper Blade products are up to the quality standards of qualified products.

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We are a manufacturer of Automotive Accessory Products, with a very complete range of automotive products. We can provide one-stop service for customers, and supply a variety of different products at the latest cost. Because of our professional service and stable quality, we have helped many large supermarket chains to succeed.

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