Multi function Wiper Blade

Multifunctional Wiper Blade

Multi function Wiper Blade is suitable for 99% cars with 11 adapters. One wiper blade for all vehicles, don’t need time to locate the wiper blades.  We have many multi function wiper blade models. And each product has a little difference in price because of its different structure and style. You can choose the best-selling style in the local market to purchase.  Of course, you can also tell us your target price, we can recommend the right style for you.

Quick and easy installation
Size: 14-28inch
Package: Blister Card or Color Box each

More Auto Accessories

Since 1996, we began to produce Car Steering Wheel Covers, and then we expanded our products to Seat Cushion,  Car Cover, Car Sun Shade and Car Floor Mats, etc. So far, we have a complete production line of automotive products and hundreds of different styles.  If you want to purchase a variety of different automotive products at the optimal cost, you can certainly achieve it here.

Quality Control

While extending the product line, we are also committed to the establishment of product quality control system. So far, we have established corresponding quality standards for different products. Our workers start production only after the skill test. At the same time, we have the corresponding inspection process from the warehousing of raw materials, to semi-finished products, to finished products and packaging. At the same time, we regularly train and assess the inspectors, so as to ensure that our products are of excellent quality.

Watch the mass production of lonsign wiper blade: