Double Blade Windshield Wiper

Double Blade Windshield Wiper

Double Blade Windshield Wiper can work more effectively. Especially when there is a lot of rain, this product can keep your vision clear during driving. In order to achieve good performance, we use high-quality rubber refill and steel materials. Coupled with excellent technology, the product can be in maximum contact with the windshield. In conclsion, this product works well in harsh weather with better wiper blade performance.

Lonsign has been making all kinds of Windshield Wiper Blades, we have other models of Double Blade Windshield Wiper. Please inform to talk details.

Multifunctional Adapter

This wiper blade has Multifunctional Adapters. You will notice a red clip on the adapter if you check the product carefully. Just pull it out, then you can replace with different adapters easily. We have lots of adapters suitable different vehicles.

More Auto Accessories

Since 1996, we have been focusing on the development and production of automotive products. Up to now, we have a very complete production line of Auto Accessory products. Products include Car Steering Wheel Cover, Seat Cushion, Car Floor Mats, Car Sunshades, Car Organizer, and Car Cover, etc.  In the past, we have successfully helped many importers to expand their business and achieved good sales results.

Watch the mass production of lonsign Wiper Blade: