Colored Car Wiper Blade

Color Car Wiper Blade Are you looking for colored car wiper blade? This is our new and fashionable wiper blade.  This product originated from the Car Camry.  And later, after factory improvement, it is suitable for most U-shaped wiper arm cars. In order to make the product colorful, we can add different colors to the …

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Rear wiper blade production

Rear wiper blade production Do you want to review rear wiper blade production? Like the car front wiper blade, the rear wiper is a very important part on the vehicles. When we produce the front wiper blade products, we also develop the rear wiper blade with arm. So far, we have hundreds of products and …

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Car Wiper Blade Production

Car Wiper Blade Production The price of raw materials for car wiper blade continues to rise, and we are facing huge cost pressure. However, we believe that the difficulty is only temporary, as long as there is no loss, we still try to keep the original price of many styles.  Recently, many regular customers have …

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Domestic Raw Material Prices Rise

After the Chinese New Year Holiday in 2021, Domestic Raw Material Prices Rise sharply. Especially the prices of metals and paper, which have risen by more than 20%. Many air conditioner suppliers have announced a 10% increase in market prices since March. As a wiper blade factory, we are facing huge cost pressure. In order …

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