Colored Car Wiper Blade

Color Car Wiper Blade

Are you looking for colored car wiper blade? This is our new and fashionable wiper blade.  This product originated from the Camry model, and later, after factory improvement, it is suitable for most U-shaped wiper arm cars. In order to make the product colorful, we can add different colors to the product. At present, the commonly used colors are gold, green, silver and leopard pattern. After we color our products, we add a protective layer on the outside. In this way, the color of the product will not fall off. 

The product has a steel bar bracket structure inside, which makes the product have the advantage of bone products. At the same time, the appearance of the product has the beautiful line of boneless wiper.  The bending radian of the product can more effectively contact with the windshield glass. If you have high quality requirements, we can purchase high quality Refill A-grade. The product is Durable and silent.  The product size is available from 12” to 28”. Best product deserves that best package, tell us what package you prefer. We can make it happen.

colored car wiper blade
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