Rear wiper blade production

Rear wiper blade production

Do you want to review rear wiper blade production? Like the car front wiper blade, the rear wiper is a very important part on the vehicles. When we produce the front wiper blade products, we also develop the rear wiper blade with arm. So far, we have hundreds of products and arms.

Let’s see the video about rear wiper blade production in lonsign workshop here.  All products are inspected before packaging.  As you know, the front wiper products usually have very beautiful packaging, while the rear wiper products are quite simple packaging, most of which are sealed with plastic bags.   Of course, if necessary, customers can also design exquisite color box packaging, we will print and pack products as required.

2020 was an unusual year. Many customers stopped or held on buying because of the impact of COVID-19 and the high freight cost. After the Spring Festival in 2021, the epidemic situation was gradually getting better, the demand from foreign markets was rise sharply, and many orders are urgent. Therefore, we have added two production lines, while recruiting and training new employees to start production. However, due to the continuous increase of orders, our production is still very busy.


rear wiper blade production
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