Car Wiper Blade Production

Car Wiper Blade Production

The price of raw materials for car wiper blade continues to rise, and we are facing huge cost pressure. However, we believe that the difficulty is only temporary, as long as there is no loss, we still try to keep the original price of many styles.  Recently, many regular customers have started to purchase the car wiper blade after the new year as usual.  Our workers are busy in car wiper blade production again from March, 2021.   

2020 is an unusual year. Because of the Covid-19, Chinese suppliers were unable to produce in the first half of the year, while foreign customers were faced with a sharp rise in shipping costs in the second half of the year.  Many customers had to reduce or stop purchasing. In the new year, with the use of vaccines, the epidemic is gradually under control. We  believe that the demand for all auto accessory products will gradually grow up, and it is likely that the orders will exceed those in previous years. So at the beginning of the year, we purchased a few new equipment and stepped up the recruitment of new workers.

As a supplier of automotive products, we have a wide range of products. Among them, the wiper product is one of our core products. We have a perfect quality management system and corresponding quality standards for different products. At the same time, we pay great attention to staff training. Most of our production workers have several years of work experience, new employees have to undergo training, and then pass the assessment before they can work. All these are the basic guarantee of our good quality.

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car wiper blade production
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