Domestic Raw Material Prices Rise

After the Chinese New Year Holiday in 2021, Domestic Raw Material Prices Rise sharply. Especially the prices of metals and paper, which have risen by more than 20%.

Many air conditioner suppliers have announced a 10% increase in market prices since March. As a wiper blade factory, we are facing huge cost pressure. In order to support customers, we will keep the original price for the confirmed orders.  For the following new orders, we will adjust our quotation according to the latest price of raw materials. I hope the price of raw materials will come down as soon as possible.

If there are those engaged in the bulk commodity trading industry, they will find that since the second half of last year. The prices of domestic bulk raw materials have been rising. These include copper, iron ore, crude oil, pulp, sugar, cotton, etc. Since this year, the increase is more obvious.   And the prices of some raw materials have even increased by more than 20% in a month. This is shocking.

At present, the new coronavirus vaccine has been used. If the epidemic can be controlled as soon as possible, the demand for products will be normalized.  If so,  the raw material prices will return to normal soon. Only in a stable environment, raw material prices can get normal, and our auto accessories can develop steadily.Domestic Raw Material Prices Rise

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