Multi Adapter Hybrid Wiper Blade

Multi Adapter Hybrid Wiper Blade

Multi Adapter Hybrid Wiper Blade is suitable 99% cars. This is an amazning wiper blade, and a lot of customers like this model.  Firstly, this is a flat and soft wiper blade, but it uses a multi-segment structure, so it also has the advantages of a frame wiper blade. Secondly, we use high-quality steel strap and A-grade rubber refill to strive to create the best quality. Thirdly,  the product can fit the front windshield to the greatest extent, and it runs stably and quietly.  In addition, this product is equipped with 9 different adapters. They can be effectively applied to different car models.

We have lots of models about Multi Adapter Hybrid Wiper Blade, this one is a best seller.  You can watch the video below to learn more about the details of this product.

Quick and easy installation
Size: 14-28inch
Package: Blister Card or Color Box each

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Watch this wiper blade below: