Multifunctional 13 Adapter Wiper Blade

Multi 13 Adapter Wiper Blade

Multifunctional 13 Adapter Wiper Blade is an amazing product, it is suitable for 99% cars.  Three section frame, with high quality steel bar and grade A rubber strip. This design allows the wiper to contact the windshield to the maximum extent. It is quiet when wiping, and the effect is very good.

We have a lot of Multifunctional Adapter Wiper Blade, this one is very popular in recent years.  Many customers have achieved success by selling this product. In order to be more conducive to sales, customers can design exquisite color box with their own brand name.

Quick and easy installation
Size: 14-28inch
Package: Blister Card or Color Box each

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Watch the mass production of lonsign wiper blade: